Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pre-Fall...what a wonderful thing!

It's not's not's like...IN BETWEEN!


The thing that makes obsessive compulsive people such as myself (i.e. yes you who can't go a day without seeing something new and pretty on Net-A-Porter) REALLY happy are things that come in between the SS and AW shows every year!
Praise the fashion gods that be for capsule collections...
YES...those wonderful collections called RESORT and PRE-FALL...

Given that we are currently smack-bang-in-the-furious-middle of the New York AW 10 shows at the moment, my little selection of Pre-Fall goodies has probably come a little late. Nonetheless - the joy must be shared because these looks just made me do the whole "sigh-and-die-and-fall-off-my-chair" routine.

Chloe Pre-Fall 2010

Now I must admit to re-falling in love with Chloe ever since Hannah McGibbon took over a couple of seasons ago. I think she captures the girly, cutesy, kind of androgynous, bohemian and very French chic that the house embodies. And the Pre-Fall collection was no exception to the rule. Major LE SIGHS and "I die bananas!" at the skinny cropped suits and perfect camel coloured coats...

It's a little bit tomboy and a little bit polished 'ladies who lunch'...the kind of thing that makes me swoon...

Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2010
The man is about to have entire pop-rock soundtrack type musical fest dedicated to him ('Une Vie Saint Laurent')...Will definitely SUPER GUSH more about that later. But deservedly so. For Monsieur Saint Laurent who sadly passed away last year was a true legend who revolutionized the very way the modern woman dresses. Le Smoking anyone? Enough said. There's enough brazen sexual power in there to render most men weak at the knees and to give most women (or maybe just me) a total EYEGASM.

So I was most pleased when Stefano Pilati decided to tread along the well-worn path of tradition and showcased a swoon-worthy capsule collection of well executed classics...the trench, the perfectly cut tuxedo's all too perfect.

It could be my penchant for all things a little bit edgy but mostly classic
The way those forms and shapes and colours have tastefully adorned the bodies of many a bold style-setter...
Call it my fetish...
But baby, these looks are better than sex.

I may take that back in a little bit...but for now...

Say it with me now...EYEGASM.




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