Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little packages of goodness...

Alas - The title does not refer to the little red packets of monetary goodness that we of Oriental stock receive on an annual basis (while red and gold bring up too many images of scarily tacky Chinese New Year celebrations - I, for one, do not complain about the tradition of the red packet...I for the simple task of existing on this planet...)

But enough of my rambling on the merits of Eastern tradition...

I stumbled upon these little darlings upon my ritual traipsing through the world of Internet shopping (admit it, you all do it...)

Very aptly and cutely named the Mini Sac, they are the product of the very Gallic (and very NYC based) bag designer, Clare Vivier and by the looks of things...will only grow more alluring with age and wear.

I could so imagine these just effortlessly slung over a shoulder giving the wearer a sort of mussed-up vintage appeal. A men's shirt worn as a dress, brogues and some old inherited shameless gold bling.It's that quiet, subtle kind of luxe that really gets me going.

And, in a quintissentially Asian return to the topic of money, the best thing about these babies is they aren't going to hurt the hip pocket. As the French would say, Parfait!

Because I am a giver and introducer of all things beautiful...and I like to share...
They are all ready to be taken home online at:




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