Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl Crush: Charlotte Kemp-Muhl

The Girl-Crush (guhrl-karush) -
Overwhelming urge to gush and go totally weak in the knees in the face of the all-consuming, totally ah-mazing (and completely effortless...of course) style of an also preternaturally stunningly beautiful human being of the female gender.
(Definition courtesy of the Bec-tionary)

Been there. Done that. Wish I could have bought the t-shirt. I'm sure we all have.

Today's feature happens to be the 'so-stunning-I'm-friggen-jealous-she-even-exists-on-this-planet' Charlotte Kemp-Muhl aka model and girlfriend of Sean Lennon (yes...he who is son of John & Yoko) Also - Jalouse's cover girl of the month thereby putting her cool credentials at an all time unattainable high.

She's that sort of indie muse that just exudes sensuality while leaving an air of mystery. Meaning she's the type of person who can rock an Indian tribal chief rabbit tail headpiece and get away with it being a true fashion triumph while the rest of us would probably get looks signifying that we should party at that place with padded walls and these really cool white jackets.

An unconventional pretty thing who is the epitome of Belle Du Jour subversive sexuality in a trench and nothing more while romping around with her very famous (but somewhat less pretty) musical scion loverboy in the iconic Chelsea Hotel.

The French really know how to pick their icons.

Le sigh.



Pictures courtesy of NY Mag, Zadig & Voltaire

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